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What We Offer

Berry Lane Partners is built on the foundations of Trust, Integrity, and Performance to all of our clients. We work closely with distressed home and property owners, providing equitable solutions to their needs. We look forward to working with you to solve your Real Estate problems.

We help home and property owners in distress. Some examples include:

  • Owners who are behind on their mortgage and at risk of foreclosure.

  • Owners who no longer want to be landlords.

  • Owners simply looking for a lifestyle change.

  • Properties in need of repair that are unmarketable in their current condition.

  • Owners in need of a quick sale who cannot wait months for traditional home sale.

  • Absentee owners who are tired of managing a property away from their local market.

  • Owners seeking a buyer for their vacant property costing them money with every mortgage, tax, and insurance payment.

  • And much more...


If any of these issues speak to you, 

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